Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Haunted (Dreaming Anastasia 2) by Joy Preble

Haunted (Dreaming Anastasia #2)

by Joy Preble

Genre: YA Historical/Paranormal/Romance

Pages: Paperback, 320 pages

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire (February 1, 2011)

Anne Michaelson’s world turned upside down last fall when a handsome, blue-eyed and temporarily immortal Russian named Ethan informed her that she had a destiny to save the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, held captive for decades by the witch Baba Yaga. But Anastasia had her own thoughts about destiny. And Anne and Ethan discovered that some things aren’t so easily undone. Now, six months later, the craziness in Anne’s world hasn’t gone away. Neither have her feelings for Ethan. Anne still has powers she doesn’t fully understand. She’s still dreaming about Baba Yaga’s forest. And she’s got a new boyfriend – very normal and very sweet lifeguard, Ben Logan. As for Ethan, well, he hasn’t quite gotten over the events of last fall, either. And he definitely hasn’t gotten over Anne. In short, everyone’s haunted by something – or someone.

Enter the rusalka – a Russian folklore mermaid with a malevolent streak - and a particular interest in Anne. When Ethan suddenly returns from Europe, Anne’s world collides with the paranormal once again. Her heart torn between Ben and Ethan, Anne’s search for the rusalka’s identity reveals deep and startling secrets - including the true source of Anne’s powers.

Like Dreaming Anastasia, Haunted is a wild adventure of a tale, a genre blend of fantasy, folklore and romance.

What an amazing follow up to a debut. This novel, just like its predecessor, was not a disappointment. There are brand new elements to the history introduced and themes revisited from the first book. Anne and Ethan have learned a lot from them and are at a new place in their lives. They quickly find out, though, that it isn’t always easy to move on as they both think that they can do.

Preble has given us another novel that leaves us looking at the clock and realizing it is two a.m. and when we finish… drooling for more! (My tweet to her when I finished was begging for info on the next one… I simply got the release date! HahaJ) Tess has to be one of my favorite characters. She is the best friend we all have and I can hear her voice so well throughout this novel. Secondary characters are often overlooked but Tess makes sure that we all remember her and I love her all the more for it!

Haunted will hit book shelves February 1, 2011 so make sure to check it out!

Visit Joy Preble HERE to find out more about her and her novels.

Happy reading everyone!

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