Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott

Between Here and Forever
Elizabeth Scott

Genre: YA Realistic Fiction
Pages: Hardcover, 256 pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse (May 24, 2011)

Abby accepted that she can’t measure up to her beautiful, magnetic sister Tess a long time ago, and knows exactly what she is: Second best. Invisible.

Until the accident.

Now Tess is in a coma, and Abby’s life is on hold. It may have been hard living with Tess, but it's nothing compared to living without her.

She's got a plan to bring Tess back though, involving the gorgeous and mysterious Eli, but then Abby learns something about Tess, something that was always there, but that she’d never seen.

Abby is about to find out that truth isn't always what you think it is, and that life holds more than she ever thought it could...

Abby is a character who many can relate to. She doesn’t have a lot of self confidence because her sister is the one who has caught the whole town’s attention. She has a hard time seeing past that and realizing that she is a person in her own right and it takes Tess’ accident for Abby to confront these issues. She knows that her sister will come back to them and when she does life will seemingly get back to “normal” (whatever that is). Though she takes drastic measures to ensure that Tess will wake up, it seems that her efforts are in vain; until she meets Eli. Eli is her ray of hope, but for reasons she has yet to discover.

Elizabeth Scott has, yet again, written an amazing novel. Her writing has yet to disappoint me and I was so excited to see this one in my mailbox that it immediately moved to the top of my pile. I loved Bloom and Perfect You and knew that this one would be in the same category for my reading. Her writing style, ability to write the characters so well and relatable, and presentation of plot is on that continues to astound and inspire me as a reader and writer. I loved this book just as I have all of Scott’s others and will definitely be adding it to my bookshelf (classroom and home)!

Happy reading!

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Janice said...

Was being attracted by the cover. And with the story, it is a beautiful reading especially for sisters.

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