Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oliver by Birgitta Sif

Hardcover, 40 pages
Published October 9th 2012 by Candlewick Press

An imaginative child who doesn’t quite fit in finds a kindred spirit in this utterly charming picture book from a debut author-illustrator.

Oliver is different. He enjoys his solitude. He likes playing with his friends, who are puppets, stuffed animals, and other toys. With his rich imagination, Oliver’s day is never dull. There are bridges to cross, sharks to fight, and treasures to find! But maybe toys don’t always give a boy everything he needs. Maybe he needs another kind of companion. Will Oliver discover a way to be, well, different? When his tennis ball rolls across the lawn into the yard of the girl next door, he just might be surprised.

Oliver doesn't quite fit in. I am sure that we have all been there. He is his own person and seems quite content with that until one day he finds out that maybe he isn't really alone after all. This is one of my new favorites. It breaks down what so many children (and by children I mean those anywhere from three to one hundred and three) deal with every day on simple terms. I love the lesson learned here. Oliver never apologizes for who he is and in turn learns that it is just fine! Beautifully written and illustrated book that has earned a place of honor on my shelf!

Happy reading!

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