Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lined up and ready to go!!


I started going through books that I haven't read today and getting the ones together that I have read over the last few months. I have come across some really good finds and I am so pumped about all of this. I have also gotten my toes (not quite the whole foot yet) in the door with some YA publishing companies and am in contact with them about some more potential finds! This is all thanks go my good friend Alex Malerba who is recommending good ones and helping me make some awesome contacts! Thanks Alex :) I am running into a slight problem now... well, I don't know that it is a problem per say but... there are too many stinkin' good books out there that I am interested in! I have a list going and it seems that everytime I go to look at Amazon or start chatting with someone I hear about another one! Again, not so sure that is a bad problem! I guess since my birthday is in 10 days I am just going to have to BEG for giftcards to Books A Million!! (hint, hint)

I have a few reviews that I am working on now and will start posting tomorrow. If you have any books that you want me to check out or that are on summer reading lists let me know! My list can grow a little bit more... hehe! Summer is here and I will have time before bambino number 2 arrives in July and maybe a little time in between feeding and napping after. I'll see you soon!



(originally posted June 21, 2009)

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