Saturday, October 16, 2010

Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: Hardcover, 384 pages

Publisher: Dial (September 18th 2008)

Lucy is seventeen when she discovers that the women of her family have been cursed through the generations, forced to attempt three seemingly impossible tasks or to fall into madness upon their child's birth. But Lucy is the first girl who won't be alone as she tackles the list. She has her fiercely protective foster parents beside her. And she has Zach, whose strength amazes her more each day. Do they have enough love and resolve to overcome an age-old evil?

This was a beautifully crafted book which kept me on my toes throughout the read. The weaving of the folk song “Scarborough Fair” in with the story was very original and beautifully crafted. I hadn’t listened to this song in quite some time so I had to go back and listen to it as I read the book. There is a quote that talks about how everyone sees at least 1000 story ideas a day but a true author takes note of at least five. I can’t find it now and it is bugging me but Nancy fits this. She listened to the song and the idea popped. It makes me wonder what ideas we all walk by every day!

Lucy was beautifully written and a very relatable character. I thought a lot about her as I was reading and what she was going through. (I actually have 4 entries in my notebook about it) I wasn’t sure about the concept of a faery in stories because I wasn’t a big reader of faery books… now I am hooked though! Nancy is a tremendously talented author who has written a magnificent story of love, struggle, magic and perseverance. I can’t wait to read her newest novel, Extraordinary, and see what she has in store for us next. Great read!

Visit Nancy here to read more about Impossible and her other novels. Enjoy the trailer for Extraordinary for now!!

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Anonymous said...

Great selections! I haven't heard of some of these so I am off to look them up and probably make my to be read list a bit longer :)

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