Thursday, February 10, 2011

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I have an amazingly talented group of writers this year and I know that some of my fellow teacher-bloggers do as well. In my opinion, they should be highlighted! I am going to start my own MME just for this purpose. I want to highlight these students and their work, their thoughts and their accomplishments. I started my blog in order to give them things to read and now I want you to read what they have written just as we all read what the authors we know and love read.

For these posts I will have their writing along with the prompt for the writing (if applicable) and my thoughts. I hope that these will give you all a great insight into the minds of my eighth graders and see what great talent I have uncovered this year.

For today's post I went back through my Writer's Notebook and looked for things that my students have written and I have posted into my notebook. Today's is one of the very first things I ever put in.

"Reading takes me places I have wanted to go. It has teased me with fabulous worlds of fortune and fame. Reading has been there for me when I needed a friend or when I had nothing else to do. Reading is a privilege and I plan to abuse that privilege!"
~ Justin N. (8th grade)

When I asked my students to write that day, I just asked them to share their thoughts on reading. I asked them to share as I always do and when I did I was amazed at Justin's words. They humbled me. As teachers, we often forget that little things give peace in our students' crazy worlds. Like reading. I love that not only did he write this, but he shared it... in front of all of his peers. He let them know that he liked to read and what enjoyment he got from it. I have told my students time after time that not only do they read as a reader, but they need to read as a writer. Look at the techniques the author is using and try it in your writing. I can tell that they are doing this. I am thinking of the things that Justin has worked on this year, whether they be simple things he has in his Writer's Notebook or big pieces that he has turned in, and I know that he has taken this love of reading and worked those things into his writing.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than reading through the things they let me read in their notebooks and the pieces they turn in and see the growth they have made. Justin is just one example and I can't wait to share more with you!!

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