Monday, October 21, 2013

Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil

Hardcover, 320 pages
Published August 1st 2013 by Peachtree Publishers

Sam is a geek movie-buff with a ragtag group of loser friends who have been taking abuse from the popular kids for years. But when the super-cool Camilla moves to town, she surprises everyone by choosing to spend time with Sam's group. Suddenly they go from geek to chic, and find that not everything boils down to us and them. With their social lives in flux, Sam and Camilla spend more and more time together. They become the best of friends, and Sam finds that he's happier and more comfortable in his own skin than ever before. But eventually Sam must admit to himself that he's fallen in love. If he confesses his true feelings to Camilla, will everything change again?

  I think we have all had those moments when someone joins our group of friends and we wonder "What the heck are you doing?". Not because we are mean, but because we really are confused as to why this person who we think would never associate with us is suddenly taking an interest in us. Well Sam can relate to us in that aspect. Camilla has moved to Australia and into Sam's life when he and his friends are perfectly fine with being the geeks they are. I loved the characters in this book and don't really know if I could pick a favorite because they were all written so well. 

So many times I read books that are written about teenagers where the characters don't seem real. The characters in this book are teenagers- dialogue, actions, and quirks! Sam has a quirky sense of humor which I just love and couldn't get enough of. Being a teenager is the same no matter which continent you are on and that proves true with this novel. I love that it is evident in this novel that teenagers everywhere deal with the same issues! 

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Happy reading!

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