Thursday, July 14, 2011

The end is here... and I am Sad :(

I remember the very first time I even picked up a Harry Potter book. The first one had just come out and I bought it for my sister for her birthday. She set it aside and while I was looking for something to give my mind a rest from the craziness of college, I picked it up. A few hours later I was done and absolutely dying for the next one. As the years progressed, I waited for every book release (the first few were not as big and chaotic as the last few), dressed up in costume as characters, had late night conversations about the books with a wide variety of people, went to movie premieres (even went to one with my best friend the night before she got married because she had to see it before she went on her honeymoon) and have taken my students to see the movies in rented out theaters. And now it all comes to an end.

We have read (and reread multiple times in many cases) these novels which have brought in so many readers who would have never picked up a book before and even watched as the books and movies were challenged because they promoted witchcraft. I will be going to see the movie with you all and no matter where we are seeing it, we are all in this together. I am sure I will cry and have already warned my husband that it will be an "ugly cry" and have tissues packed. Before we all take one last trek to the theater to see our beloved Harry I invite you to sit back and reflect over the past few years with me.

Let me know if you are going to see the movie and where you are located so we can all sympathize with each other.

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