Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Happy 101 Award

Well happy day to me! I was checking out all of my fellow bloggers and lo and behold my pal Vania has given me award and that makes my heart feel super happy! (yes... I watch Ni How Kai Lan!) Make sure that you check her lovely blog out and in just a few days she and I will be meeting up along with the authors of a certain book I love... Beautiful Creatures! More to come on that!

Rules: List 10 things that make you happy. Try and do at least one of them today.

1. Reading!!! Mostly YA but sometimes other trashy books too!
2. Playing with my children... always fun with a 4 year old and an almost 6 month old
3. Going on dates with my hubby (sometimes its the simple things!!)
4. Working out... I might not like doing it but in the long run it makes me happy!
5. Visiting new places and having an adventure!
6. Having an "on" day in my classroom... where the students get it and I feel confident in what I have taught
7. Meeting new people... you can never have too many friends!
8. Going to church and worshiping with my friends and family
9. Photography and scrapbooking... have to preserve those memories
10. Sleeping... I can never get enough!

These are the ten bloggers who brighten my day. Whoever is linked below must list 10 things that make them happy :D This was a lot harder than I thought!

1. Meg @ Muses of Megret is the one who encouraged me to start this blog and is a fellow mom with amazing ideas and menu's!
2. Darcy @ The Library Lounge Lizard a fellow middle school crazy!!
3. Kim @ The Book Butterfly always has great reviews, interviews, and giveaways
4. Kristi @ The Story Siren was the first book blogger I came across and is simply amazing!
5. Sharon @ Sharon Loves Books and Cats her tweets make me laugh... daily!
6. Tirzah @The Compulsive Reader is a great blogger and has some great things going on!!
7. Jen @ Book Crazy is also a relatively new blogger but has great things happening!
8. The gals @ Bloggers heart Books I love their features... Historic Saturday anyone?!
9. The Bookologist who always has great things going on (& even has snow!!)
10. Lee @ By Pen or by Sword because he is a great hubby and his wife wrote a little book you may have heard of... The Hollow!!!

OK READY..... GO! Who would you pick as your 10 things and bloggers who make you happy?

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Megret said...

Thanks, Jennie, for the happy award! I'm so excited about your fabulous blog! :)

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