Monday, June 14, 2010

Venus in Blue Jeans (Konigsburg #1)

Venus in Blue Jeans (Konigsburg #1)

by Meg Benjamin

Genre: Erotic Romance

Pages: Paperback, 280 pages

Publisher: Samhain Publishing (first published January 27th 2009)

Docia Kent figures Konigsburg, Texas, is the perfect place to get over her lying fiancĂ© and hide out from her meddling parents, but she doesn’t reckon on vet Cal Toleffson, a six-foot-five-inch hunk of gorgeous manhood who takes one look at Docia and knows shes the love of his life. Now if Cal can only convince Docia to give love a chance, while fending off burglars, con men, jealous rivals, and the eccentric citizens of Konigsburg, maybe they can even make it to happily ever after!

Sometimes we need a break from the reading that we are doing and Meg Benjamin’s series has done just that for me! Venus is very well written, has a great plot (with mystery, drama, and hunky goodness) and kept me coming back for more. When I read my romance novels I find (sometimes) that I have to try to get over little things in order to really enjoy it (minor mistakes in plot, too much detail about the things we don’t really care about, etc.). That is not the case with this novel.

Docia and Cal are completely believable characters and I found myself rooting for them and going through the struggles they are going through. I cannot wait to see what happens next with all of these characters and can only guess what will happen when all of their relatives come to town. Cal, the vegetarian veterinarian, and Docia, the trust fund baby, definitely add spice to the little town of Konigsburg, Texas and I can only imagine what is to come!

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Meg Benjamin said...

So glad you liked it! I really loved writing it, too!

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