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Wedding Bell Blues (Konigsburg #2)

Wedding Bell Blues (Konigsburg #2)

by Meg Benjamin

Genre: Erotic Romance

Pages: Paperback, 272 pages

Publisher: Samhain Publishing (first published July 18th, 2009)

Who knew you could find the love of your life at the wedding from hell…
Konigsburg, Book 2

Janie Dupree will do anything to make sure her best friend has the wedding of her dreams, even if it means relinquishing what every bridesmaid covets and never gets—the perfect maid-of-honor dress. Problem is, family drama as tangled as a clump of Texas prickly pear cactus threatens to send the skittish bride hopping aboard the elopement express.

Janie could use a hand, but the best man’s “help” is only making things worse.

Pete Toleffson just wants to get through his brother’s wedding and get back to his county attorney job in Des Moines. He never expected to be the engineer on a wedding train that’s derailing straight toward hell. Janie’s the kind of girl he’d like to get close to—but her self-induced role as “Miss Fix-It” is as infuriating as it is adorable.

If they can just fend off meddling parents, vindictive in-laws, spiteful ex-boyfriends, and a greyhound named Olive long enough to achieve matrimonial lift-off, maybe they can admit they’re head-over-heels in love.

Benjamin definitely didn’t disappoint with this one either! Pete came to Texas thinking that all he wanted to do was get back to his job that was (literally) making him sick and all Janie wanted was for Pete to step up and take on the role he was here to be… best man. Pete found out pretty quickly that he wasn’t going to be able to push Janie away and leave as quickly as he came.

Benjamin did a wonderful job

showing Janie as the strong, independent woman that she so desperately wanted to be and yet couldn’t get away from those who were weighing her down (namely her mom and loser-boyfriend type). I love Janie and her take charge attitude. She and Pete were trying to be the calm amidst a tornado and try to take care of each other at the same time… but they quickly found that they were both hurting each other by not telling the truth all along.

If you have ever been in, planned, or even watched the planning of a wedding you know that it is chaotic. Benjamin adds to that tenfold all while weaving the romance of Janie and Pete into the mix. I found myself laughing, teary eyed, angry and comforted throughout this book and can’t wait to see where Lars (the next hunky brother) takes us next. I only wish there were more Toleffson’s because there can only be so many more books! Guess I will just have to re-read!!

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